As a “DIRECTV for Business” Elite National Service Partner, NatSat is dedicated to providing the best in DIRECTV sales and customer service in the satellite and cable television industries.

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations for choices and service by providing personalized customer solutions for DIRECTV Satellite Television, Internet, Phone and Digital Signage. We custom tailor these solutions to bring new customers coming through your doors, keep old customers coming back, and encourage customers already in your business to spend more money.

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DIRECTV for Business


NatSat believes in providing expert advice for our business account holders.

Your Business will never miss a second of the best sports, news and information on TV when you choose to order from National Satellite Center. We have created a priority line to handle your orders and inquiries and to schedule installation. We`re in the business of selling solutions, and we`ll find the right one for you.

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AT&T Phone & Internet for Business

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DIRECTV for Golf Clubs


Let us help you give your members The Masters Experience everyday at your club.


DIRECTV provides unequaled coverage of all golf majors including a channel that follows featured groups as well as a channel that allows you put all of the golfers that you and your members want to see most.

NatSat provides a tailor made solution for golf clubs whether you are looking at upgrading to DIRECTV over cable or already have DIRECTV and are looking for additional savings provided through a vendor like VXX or AXXXXX.